Gondola Shelving System

Gondola Shelving System

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We are the best Gondola Shelving System Manufacturers & Distributors in Indonesia, supplying first class quality Gondola Shelving Display Racks with highly competitive price.

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TTF supplying various sizes (height x depth x length) & design of durable Gondola Shelving Systems and others space saving display racks and fixtures to maximizing your product visibility, boosting sales and increase your profits of your business.

Our modern Gondola Display Shelving Racks are made to be affordable, strong, appealing to the eye, easy to install/dismantle and keep clean, and shelves adjustable to accommodate different types and sizes of your merchandise. With our clean, modern design & attractive structure gondola display racks, help maximize exposure each of your products.

TTF Gondola Shelving Systems are design to suite any retail environment such as major supermarkets as well as grocery, convenience stores, hardware, clinics, pharmacies, pet shops and book shop.

TTF MINI Gondola Display Shelving Racks we offered:

  • Mini Island Gondola Shelving Systems
  • Mini Wall Gondola Shelving Systems
  • Mini End Gondola Shelving Systems
  • Mini Perforated Gondola Shelving Systems

TTF STANDARD Gondola Display Shelving Racks we offered:

  • Island Gondola Shelving Systems
  • Wall Gondola Shelving Systems
  • End Gondola Shelving Systems
  • Perforated Gondola Shelving Systems

TTF STANDARD & MINI Gondola Display Shelving Racks’ Accessories we offered:

  • Light Box Header
  • Single Book Shelf/ Magazine Shelf
  • Double Book Shelf/ Magazine Shelf
  • Triple Book Shelf/ Magazine Shelf
  • Gondola Wire Divider
  • Gondola Plastic Divider
  • Gondola Side Mesh with Bracket
  • Gondola Chrome Bar
  • Gondola Data Strip
  • Price Tag/Ticket Holder
  • Waterfall Bar Hook
  • Chrome/ Epoxy Pry Hook
  • Chrome/ Epoxy Single Bar Hook
  • Chrome/ Epoxy Double Bar Hook

Contact us, our professional consultant will help you choose the right heavy duty storage solution for your retailing shop.