Medium Duty Racking System

Medium Duty Racking System

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“Medium Duty Racking System” are designed to cater moderate usage or storage needs, it comes in variety of sizes and design that would help adding greater flexibility to the productivity/operations of your store while improving efficiency and speed of whole business. business.

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TTF Medium Duty Shelving Racks are designed to hold up capacity of 500kgs to 700kgs UDL/level goods. TTF Medium Duty Racking Systems come in many dimension, level and decking material to be adapted in any type of storage space to meet all business specific storage needs. TTF providing comprehensive range of storage solutions for retail store, shop lot, industrial, warehouse, workshop office and residential.

TTF Storage Systems are the best Medium Duty Racking System Manufacturers & Distributors in Indonesia, offering wide variety of high quality Storage Racking Systems at the highly competitive price.

TTF strive to provide you durable, safe and cost-effective Warehouse Storage Racking Systems that can increase profits while maximizing your storage spaces.

With our expertise team, we believe that our system will be able to fulfil your operational need and budget, providing the best storage solution for your warehouse.

Contact us for further information and assistance needed. We are pleased to help you maximise your retail store space or display while making your business grow.

TTF Medium Duty Racking Systems (loading capacity 500kgs – 700kgs UDL per level):

  • Longspan Shelving Racks
  • Longspan Shelving Systems Come with Mezzanine Floor
  • Ideal Longspan Shelving Racks
  • Ideal Longspan Shelving Systems Come with Mezzanine Floor
  • Medium Duty Cantilevers Racking.