Light Duty Racking System

Light Duty Racking System

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TTF Storage Systems is the most eminent Light Duty Racking System Manufacturers & Distributors in Indonesia. TTF Light Duty Shelving Racks are ideal for small & lighter applications. It’s cost effective, stable, boltless (bolt & nut free), durable, save time, save space, shelves adjustable and easy install & dismantle.

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TTF Light Duty Shelving Racks structure made from high graded material to ensure the quality, safety and performance of systems. Available in variety of height, lengths, widths, level, decking material and can be customize as customer required. TTF Storage Racking Systems are certified with ISO9001:2008 Intertek. TTF Light Duty Storage Racks can carry up to 400kgs UDL per level, which versatile and flexible for maximum utilization of empty space while saving cost. It an economical storage suitable for office, commercial, store and household storage solution.

Contact us, our expertise consultant will help you determine the best storage rack & shelving rack your business storage space and help your business become more profitable.

TTF Light Duty Racking Systems (loading capacity 100kgs – 400kgs UDL per level):

  • Boltless Racks
  • Standard Racks
  • DIY Colour Racks
  • Simple Metal Racks
  • Simple Rack
  • Econ Racks
  • Trolley Boltless Racks
  • Boltless Hamper Racks
  • Boltless Workbench
  • Pigeon Holes Boltless Storage Racks
  • Multi-Tier Storage Racking Systems
  • Boltless Racks Come with Top Flooring
  • Boltless Storage Racks + Storage Multi Tool Box