Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE)
TTF stresses on high quality product and services to our customer. In the design and analysis process, high quality control and analysis is placed in the company’s design and production. TTF invested a large capital stressing on CAD / CAE software to ensure the quality and continual improvement of the products.

Computer Modelling
TTF incorporates 3D modelling CAD for design and modelling capacity, reduces error in design and easier to market. Also, this ensure the accuracy and quality in TTF’s products.

Computer Analysis
To ensure the quality of the products, TTF uses state-of-the-art Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) Cosmos Works to perform simulation and structural analysis. Cosmos Works incorporates the technology Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to study the factor of safety, deflection for the structure. Generally, FEA is a method of simulating physical systems, in the area of:

  • Static structural mechanics
  • Motion kinematics and kinetics
  • Heat dynamics
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Buckling analysis
  • Frequency analysis
  • Design optimization

FEA breaks down the model into millions of discrete elements, and then performs calculation on each element to provide a fairly accurate simulation and forecast of the design done.

The analysis is done with accurate moulding of the parts and assembly, and then loaded with the working load on the beams. Actual testing is done to validate against the analysis, and the result are found to be within 10% accuracy. The FEA tool aids TTF are accurately stimulate and predict every design. The result is provides a quality product to our customers.

Tested Report & Certificate

As an endorsement of our product quality and the desire to achieve ISO9001:2000 status, we annually subject our products to a stringent SIRIM QAS compression test. All our racking shelves were subjected through extreme load tests’ and was given the highest SIRIM approval ratings. We are proud to say that our products are next to none in the competitive industry of racking systems.

Compression Test: Adoption To ASTM D642

Print Simple Rack
Size: H1810 x 600 x 1200
Report No. : 2005MA00498
Peak Force: 503.8kg
Deflection: 9.2mm
Quality Assurance And Acceleration Graph Econ Rack
Size: H6’ X D2’ x L4’
Report No.: 2003MA0256
Peak Force: 1020.40kg
Deflection: 13.30mm
Quality Assurance And Acceleration Graph Boltless Rack
Size: H6’ X D2’ x L4’
Report No.: 2003MA0257
Peak Force: 1188.80kg
Deflection: 12.40mm
Print Longspan Shelving Rack
Size: H6’ X D2’ x L8’
Report No.: 2003MA0258
Peak Force: 1326.30kg
Deflection: 35.5mm
Print Ideal Longspan Shelving Rack
Size: H1200 X D900 x L1200 x 2 levels
Report No.: 2007MA0089
Peak Force: 2748kg
Deformation at Peak: Deflection measurement cannot be taken due to sample broke at 2748kg load.
Quality Assurance And Acceleration Graph Selective Pallet Rack
Size: H1800 X D900 x L2446
Report No.: 2003MA0256
Peak Force: 4159.6kg
Deflection: 27.1mm
Print Heavy Duty Shelving Rack
Size: H1800 X D900 x L2446
Report No.: 2003MA0260
Peak Force: 2899.3kg
Deflection: 35.6mm

TTF Racking Design Standards

At TTF we work closely with our customers and together with our design standards to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. Products from TTF complies with international design standards and requirments such as:

  • Australian Cold Formed Structures Code – A.S 1538 1988
  • Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking – A.S 40841993
  • R.M.I. 1980 Industrial Steel Storage Racks
  • British Standards 5950 Pt5 1985 Code of Practice for the design of cold rolled section in steel

Safety and Health

At TTF, we promote safe working practices and as a supplier of a product that has significant safety implications, we work closely with our customers to minimise the chance of accidents.

It’s true to say that you will never see a rack installation looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Racks are either vertical or they fall over, and racks falling over is something that everybody wants to avoid. As a manufacturer, TTF is always striving to promote safe working practices and ensures that we design, produce and install our products to the highest safety standards.

In addition, there is the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (OSHA) that places personal responsibility upon employers and employees to work within the law and eliminate unsafe practices. Employers must provide a safe working environment, and employees must act in such a manner to ensure his or her safety and that of their workmates.