SAFER Convex Mirror

SAFER Convex Mirror

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We are one of the most leading SAFER Stainless Steel Convex Mirror manufacturer and exporter in Indonesia, offering various size & type of Indoor and Outdoor use Stainless Steel Convex Mirror.

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SAFER Stainless Steel Convex Mirror that can be apply for indoor and outdoor serving as great ‘safety guardian’ for various situation.
The main supportive point to that is that it plays the role of

  • Road guidance,
  • Retail store safety mirror,
  • Safety and road guidance in the carpark,
  • and many other kinds of situation.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

  • Extreme Weather Condition.
  • Virtually Tough.
  • Unbreakable and Impact Resistant.
  • Durable. Thus, Reduct Cost in Long Term.
  • Long Lasting Shine.
  • Virtually Maintainance Free.